From ‘Cole: Week One

I fully enjoyed your first pick. ^^ But I guess I have to say my goal in this is a little different than yours.

Initially I did want to introduce you to new artists you might not have been familiar with, but that would be impossible with the number of artists you know. So, I’ve chosen instead to make some familiar artists/songs unfamiliar.
I want you to look at the tracks I send you in a different way than your first listen. I guess the desire here is to look at how they inform the history of rap to see how they have value. Don’t get me wrong, they’ll all be good songs. But their place in the zeitgeist is what makes them unique.

I feel like today’s pick is cheating, because “Ready to Die” is one of the best albums ever, hands down. Ever.

But I picked it anyway.
This week, your assignment
is to count the number of narrative voices.

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