From ‘Cole: Week One Responce

Do I have to talk about this song? ^^

I kinda want to talk about the whole album.
There’s seriously so much about Chance that is appealing. His blend of Hip Hop beats and ska influence (is it reggae? I’m not too familiar with the distinction) is just…infectious. He has this quality of being both being positive and negative at once (does that make sense?)

Also, I’ve never heard so many TV references from a rapper.
Track 7: (“That’s Love”) “What’s better than Letterman, Leno, Fallon, and all the above”
Track 6: (“Everybody’s Something”) “Buck Buck Bang Bang/ yelling “Fuck Fox News!”
Track 2/3: (“Paranoia”) “Where the fuck is Matt Lauer at?/ Somebody get Katie Couric in here”

I want to say it’s invoking a sense of shared experience in a global sense. Our mythos lies in TV shows–we all grew up with the same sitcoms, the same commercials, the same miniseries. With TV, we can make a reference that is universal, and Chance is just capitalizing on this part of our zeitgeist. Better than many others, I think.

Track 2/3 struck me the most on the album, although of course I’m a fan of “What’s Love” because of the composition of the beginning. Those lyrics, man. Perfect balanced parallelism. Pairing a hidden track called “Paranoia” with “Pusha Man” is a very calculated choice. (On a side note, the feature on that track Hannibal Buress…I’ve seen him! He’s a great comedian).

So now to the track you chose.
This actually is, my favorite song.

I have to give props to Chance for being a masterful lyricist. But even more, a masterful satirist.

Chance The Rapper

Seriously, this track is the best parody of a popular hip hop track I’ve seen lately.
He makes fun of himself in the first verse for being such a caricature– he’s just a druggie who lives a repetitive life. The form of the song even mimics his lifestyle (“this my jam, this my jam, this my jam, this my jam”). Same shit, different day.
Even more than that, it’s a demonstration that he can make a track with all the trappings of a hip hop song without needing any deep meaningful lyrics– and it will still be your favorite song. Reminds me a little of Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid Ho”– he can make the most vapid shit ever and it will still be more relevant than you.

But it’s not actually that vapid– it reminds me a little of a story of how Bill Withers wrote “Ain’t No Sunshine.” He was in the studio and they were recording the first run of the track, but there was a section without any lyrics written. Instead of leaving blank space, he kept singing “and I know/ I know/ I know/ I know”– which is how it was recorded to this day. And it’s pretty iconic.

I think that’s what’s going on here. Chance is doing something very stream-of-consciousness…he has no reason to pre-write lyrics because “it’s his jam.” He just doesn’t know the words.


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