From Sky: A Response to Week Two’s Response

So glad that you liked Bronsilino! Dude is awesome. His music and his persona are both something I really relate with. Why? Who knows. Maybe it’s that he’s a 300+ pound chef who loves weed and rap. But again, who knows. Here are some other tracks from him. The first one was many people’s video of the year (yes that’s a RiFF RAFF cameo), the following two are both songs I debated on choosing for this week, and the last one is just a personal favorite. I feel you’ll enjoy the production on all of them!

I really like your ideas on the production of Party Supplies. I feel he’s a truly great producer and always look forward to new stuff from him. Oh, and Nicole? You do not HAVE to talk specifically about the rapper. Talk about whatever it is you want to talk about. Really. I enjoy reading your ideas, be it on the production or the lyricism, what ever. It’s all good in the hood.

For me, Pepe Lopez, the second track on that list above is my favorite. Great sampling of Tequila on that one. You might have also noticed him on Chance’s ‘NaNa’, which was also dope.

I have two in mind for next week. Also, I have debated some darker tracks, so if I do decided to present those you’ll have a choice as to whether or not you’re in the mood. There are tracks and artists I want to introduce you to that I honestly don’t think you’ll like, so have no fear about straight up telling me so. I think we’re passed the bs. One thing I love about r/HHH is that it has introduced me to such a wide spectrum of hip hop. Some of it is great, other is shit, and others are beyond simple enjoyment (think the movie Requiem For A Dream, nobody enjoyed that film).

Anyhow, until next week.

The BasedGod loves you and hopes your family is well.


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