From Sky: Week Three – An Introduction to the BasedGod

Well the time has come. You finally get to meet the BasedGod.

45+ mixtapes. Over 1,500 tracks as over July 2010. 155 MySpace profiles just to post all his tracks. Lil B is truly unique. He was XXL Freshman class the same year as Kendrick Lamar, though the two could not be more different. Game referred to him as ‘the wackest rapper alive’, Joey Bada$$ and him had beef. At the same time he has amassed 800,000+ twitter followers, even more fans, and created a movement. He is not a good lyricist. Hell, he’s barely a lyricist. But there is something about him.

While you can listen to one or two Kendrick tracks and understand his background in such depth, Lil B is the opposite. To fully understand the guy you need to listen to hundreds of his tracks. I know you’re not going to do that. Maybe you will. Maybe the BasedGod will touch you the way he’s touched so many. I tried so hard to search for a good introduction to Lil B, and finally found one. Although he started rapping in 2006 with Bay Area group The Pack, this track comes from his third mixtape of 2012: God’s Father.

Now, Lil B can be all over the map. Here are three other Lil B tracks for reference. The first one is the second track from God’s Father. The next is from my favorite Lil B album: Rain in England, the next is arguably his most popular track. Oh, one more, the last track proves that Lil B can rap. Shit, one more… his deepest track. okokokokok that’s all for now.

(check out the views on this one!) (VIDEO) RARE BASED! WOW!

I guess this first week is kind of a test of the waters. I am interested in your overall opinion on Lil B. Granted I realize this is a difficult task having only listened to six of his tracks. Most people, when they give an artist a listen for the first time, they listen to one or two tracks and decided whether or not they like them. You do that silly 15 seconds thing. Here you have six tracks. What I want to know is, do you feel it? Do you get the appeal?

For a little help, here is a great blog with an introduction to the BasedGod.

Complete Guide to Understand Lil B



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