From ‘Cole: Week Four Response

I have to say, I was not looking forward to this week–hence why it’s taken me so long to do a write-up. But I thoroughly enjoyed it (as much as it can be enjoyable, I mean, I felt like it was SAW III for my ears).

But that’s totally what I expected, so I guess I got what I came for. ^^

My favorite fucked-up line might surprise you–it’s really pretty tame, but the delivery just gave me chills:

“Take em to the top of the mountain/have them drink the punch/ Mmm watch the bodies drop.”

I mean, I think most kids listening to this wouldn’t get the reference to the Jonestown Massacre, but in the context of this religious bashing it makes sense that he’s referring to Jim Jones and the cyanide-laced kool-aid.
It’s pretty sick where at the break you can just hear him relishing the suicide of (presumably) all his followers. Chills.

I think that was my favorite line because it’s so subtle– everything else about him is not subtle. I’m pretty sure the shock value he’s going for is inherent in a lot of new “horrorcore” hip hop (OFWGKTA not excluded). But the way he does it here, formally, is pretty effing great.

I mean, he’s making a character that sounds a lot like people’s conception of Satan (when you think of evil in your mind, it definitely has that high pitched voice). And he’s also creating a character even more sinister than Slim Shady (if you could believe that– I mean, Slim has rapped about giving women abortions, that shit ain’t light.) Formally, he’s doing an amazing thing by taking Biggie’s alter egos into a reality. I mean, the last track on this mixtape he features himSELF. That’s pretty cray (and a nod to Em, but in a really twisted way).

Second favorite was in “tattoos of baby jesus burned in my foreskin/ I fuck with God”
I mean, shit. That even sounds painful. But the fact that he is inflicting pain on others AND himself for no reason is the sickest thing about it.

I think the style in itself speaks to the apathy of current generations (I don’t mean to get all preachy– I don’t think there’s a cause and effect to this at all, I think it’s more of “art imitating life” than anything). He’s trying to isolate the listener in the way that he feels isolated and disjointed from the world. Mac Miller had a problem with the purple drank too– which leads me to believe he was in that same disconnected state that a lot of kids feel, they just want to escape.

But the escape is sometimes worse than the reality.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I need some ear bleach.


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