From ‘Cole: Week Five – 한국 Edition

I know what you’re thinking. It really isn’t going to be that bad, I promise.

I’m not making you listen to anything KPop related. If anything, Dynamic Duo is considered “indie”:

Lyrics here:

Shoot Goal In! Lyrics

What you should know: “Lucky Numbers” was one of my favorite albums last year, it was hard for me to pick one track. This one is not my fave of the bunch, but it demonstrates what I’m trying to prove when I say the Hip Hop game is a local-form-made-global.

Choiza and Gaeko actually lived in LA so you might see some American influences in their lyrics. Korean swag is different than American swag, so that’s interesting to see as well. But their rhymes and the way they use language…still pretty sick.

What I want you to ponder: what influences do you feel they’ve taken from (rhyme style, production style) and BONUS how do you think this fits into modern Korean music’s evolution as a whole?

hyung = older brother
dongseng= younger brother


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