From Sky: Week Six – DOPE WEEK! DOPE WEEK!

Yo, yo, we back.

You might be able to tell which track I’m selecting this week, simply by my title.

This album was on numerous top ten lists at the end of the year. I believe you sent me a track of his once before, not for Music Mondays, but just for kicks.

I think it’s clear these days what certain rappers rap about. For instance, Macklemore raps about equality and independence. Yung Lean raps about Arizona Iced Tea. Freddie Gibb raps about gangsta shit. Drake raps about his emotions. Well, this rapper raps about drugs. It’s quite obvious.

The track for this week is my favorite off of his album Old. The mixtape that came before it, XXX, was highly acclaimed, and believed by many to be a drug centric concept album.

I love the use of flashbacks in this track. Explore this.

This week is a banger. For sure. So get turnt up.

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