From ‘Cole: A Response to Week Six’s Response

The only thing I want to add is a little background on some of the forerunners of Hip Hop music and culture. Specifically, the tradition of DJing.
And for that you need to know about DJ Kool Herc, and the Herculoids.

Kool Herc was a DJ from the Bronx who is credited for a) creating the looped track that would become a staple in rap b) underscoring the break (drum beat) in a song, also a staple and c) his funky-ass parties that would last
for days.

DJ Kool Herc

Well, not really, but almost. See, DJing was and still is a fixture of the club scene. People come to party, the DJ brings the atmosphere. But Herc took this and adapted it to the streets.
Herc made his home in the parks of the Bronx, schoolyard parties and such. Inevitably, people would see the open block party and join in. He would mix beats, create breaks, and merge everything into one giant mixed tape. And eventually, you’d have one song that would last
for days.

So, how he ties in to the Sugar Hill Gang is this: “Rapper’s Delight” is one of the most influential songs of Hip Hop because it is the commercialization of the block party. SHG took a nine-hour event and condensed it into 11 minutes. When you think of it that way, their genius is even more apparent. The song isn’t too long–it’s too short.
But even in its relative brevity, it still manages to hold all of the conventions and tropes of rap music that you were able to pinpoint. Which makes them, even today, relevant and worthy of examination.

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