From ‘Cole: Week Eight – Cop Out Week

I say this is a cop out week because this week isn’t about trying to introduce you to something new, but really, to examine an artist you already know. It’s too hard for me to introduce you to things you don’t already know, considering you know EVERYone and EVERYthing. It’s like trying to buy a rich kid a birthday gift. So hopefully it’s fun and you get to explore something you find compelling in an already-familiar track.

We already know you’re in love with this girl:

In an interview once she talked about how her intro to “From Time” is her way of rapping. The interviewer sort of glossed over that, like it wasn’t legit, but really. Is what she does here (especially in the “What a Life” portion) any different from what Kendrick does (examine his verse), or what Drake does (especially the emotional points in “From Time”?) Is it hard to believe that she is also a rapper?



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