From ‘Cole: Week Eight Response

I know Music Monday is supposed to be about the music, but really, I can’t talk about this track without talking about the video.

I agree with whichever redditor posted this in that thread about gratuitous violence. I just can’t pinpoint why. It’s not like we even see anything…there’s a shot fired at one person after the first minute, and after that, no violence against anyone else that we can see. Just drugs, guns, the usual rap fare. But still it feels more violent than any other video because it feels so real.

It’s the opposite of the Jackie Chan effect. Jackie makes his stunts ridiculous so you know they’re fake. He doesn’t want anybody to suspend their disbelief so far that they’d be willing to try what he does on an everyday basis. But everything in this video looks legit. I fully believe he has those guns in his posession. I believe he can cook coke. I believe he set up a mic in the back of his crack house. It’s not far-fetched; this guy is shooting a documentary.

Gangsta Gibbs

This all comes back to how important credibility is in the rap game, and how fragile it is. Rappers are constantly having to reinforce and enforce their machismo, their masculinity, which means one small infraction and all of a sudden you’re a (female body part here). This video definitely reminds me of that, in a way that was unexpected. If you look at it lyrically, it is very subtle. Nothing in his tone is overbearing, he just speaks his rhymes and he sounds so formidable. It’s like Weezy says, “real G’s move in silence like lasagna.”

As for comparisons to Pac, Gibbs is pretty spot on with his voice. His timbre somewhat reminds me of Pac, but in general his rhyme scheme, his lyrical progression throughout the song, is honestly softer than what Pac did. Pac did a lot of heavy emphasis on certain syllables (being the poet that he was, I’m sure it was intentional) to drive his point home. But Gibbs…there’s definitely something in the way he speaks without him having to do that. Something more subtle.

Which is interesting, because the video waves his thuggishness in your face. It all but pushes the trigger. Very cool, very intriguing, and different from most of the others we’ve seen thus far.


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