From Sky: Week Nine Response

Hot or not, eh?

First off, you certainly don’t have “questionable” tastes in music. I mean, I’m not hot on a lot of that Korean stuff, but I get it.

But… then there is… this.

When you said this guy was an unknown, man, you weren’t kidding. I’d like you to link the original reddit post as well. I’m interested to see what others thought.

It starts off sounding like it was made in GarageBand with those opening beats. Then, in comes Setch apologizing. Immediately I began to relate. Especially the line “Life didn’t go by my plan / I’m still stuck kicking cans / broke with this degree in hand” , as well as the line about student loan debt, had me relating hard. At first I was immediately captivated by it. The hypnotic perking triangle in the back and the different fonts for each lyrics helped as well. He got a little “edgy” with his Columbine line, “Rejected by the people / feeling lethal / might just snap into half and crack like a Columbine sequel”. I kinda could sense a hesitation in his voice. He wasn’t as strong delivering that line as I wanted. It made him come off bad, in my opinion. Then we have a sample, who knows where from, about getting back up. Which I dug. Then Setch goes off. Proving he has some real chops when it comes to spitting quick. He’s lyrics break down a little at some points, get a little too easy, which soon becomes absolute rapid fire chopper rap gibberish… and it ends. At first listen I went back and played that second verse again, thinking I had been zoning and not pay complete attention to the lyrics. Again, it got to the point of incomprehensible (word of the day) blather. I’ll straight up give you ten bucks if you can honestly say that you can keep up the entire way with the lyrics. All in all, after a first listen I was like, yeah, this is alright.

Then I started to realize that you mentioned you saw it on reddit, and it totally made sense.

I really resonated with the lyrics. I feel like a lot of people would… but of course that was what everyone else who would watch the video and relate with anyone couple of his lyrics would think as well. It was a track really written to resonate with a good portion of the people in the country right now. They’ve got a degree but they don’t have a job in their field and are struggling to make ends meet. It’s a snippet of time. Never has this been a problem in our country before. I believe there a world you like to use in this situation–zeighiest– and I totally see why this is a part of it.

The Beach

Have I ever told you how much I love the movie The Beach? Oh man, it’s amazing. If you’ve never seen it, man, go see it. Rent that shit. I saw the film before traveling to Southeast Asia in 2010. While in Thailand, where the story takes place, I read the novel. Garland would write about banana pancakes on Khao San Road and I would read it, eating a banana pancake on Khao San Road. Although, I do like the film more than the book, which is usually not the case. The film, on the other hand, makes Leo into a familiar backpacker. I could relate so much to that film, and the book. I love it. I love it so much. Everyone I’ve ever showed the film to didn’t care for it. The first couple times I was like, whhhattt? Then I just seem to accept that the majority of the the viewers didn’t care for the film. It’s got a 43 on metacritic. It’s a bad film. But I love it because I can relate to it so much.

Back to Setch.

I really related to his lyrics, but that doesn’t make it a good track or good lyrics. Let’s face it, the production quality is poor and a lot of his lyrics are cliche. This is the case for the first verse. The second verse starts real solid and just smashes in to terrible cacophony of tripe. Part of me wants to make meaning there, saying something along the lines of “So much to say, in so little time”, but I really just think it’s bad.

So it breaks down like this.
First verse – passable excluding the Columbine line.
Sample – solid
Second verse – dreadful

I gonna say it’s wack. I mean, for a one time listen through, a YouTube viral video, sure, one time, but that’s about it. After that it become less and less appealing and enjoyable, which I think something is high quality has a replay value to it, like you want to listen more.

I am curious to see what you think about it though.


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