From ‘Cole: Week Ten Response

This week is going to be short and sweet for two reasons: one, I am stuck at the airport for my fifth hour and want to make the most of my time and two: I’m writing on my cell phone so be prepared for some interesting autocorrectisms.

I’m also going to be discussing something that has been less of a concern for the majority of by posts in the past, which is form.


I’m really concerned more with Chief Keef’s artistry when it comes to his inflection and cadence. Most songs have a rise and fall, a sort of build up and climax (the best examples of these are, I think, in dubstep WAIT FOR THE DROP). But Keef manages to keep everything level the whole way through. Which is interesting. It’s almost like he’s defying the way we expect a song to be structured.

Defying the establishment is nothing new for hip hop, so the fact that he’s playing with the status quo is not surprising. But it’s very intelligent the way he does it. Making a song with no discernible chorus and no rising or falling action creates an ambience different from what we were previously exposed to.

You said to do no research so I didn’t. But I am interested in the fact that this is a genre. Is it a genre of songs that are all consistent cadences? Are they all pretty much party or brag tracks? Which artists gravitate toward his particular medium? Is there anything in particular in common with these artists, place or maybe content?

See, this is what happens when you don’t let me use the internets. ^^


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