From ‘Cole: Week Eleven Response

So now I want to watch the whole six seven part series.

My mind is kind’ve swimming with thoughts right now, the overarching theme of which is that we both coincidentally decided to pick songs that basically illustrate the same principle (cray!)
which is: rap is all about the local made global.

To answer your question, yes, I do feel differently after seeing this. I have more of an appreciation for how real everything they’re rapping about is. I mean, the interviewer is right when he says everyone else makes the lifestyle seem parody-like, whereas Keef and the 3 Hunna are genuinely from the corner of 64th and Normal. I feel like there’s so much depth to it, that you can only appreciate if you’re from there.

And I mean, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? It’s an exclusionary/inclusionary thing. If you don’t live there, you don’t get it. But they’re also trying to include us in their lifestyle, pointing to a subsection of life in the US of A, and saying, this is our locality put on a global stage.

The fact that this fleshes out their story makes me think that they also intentionally meant to make their music seem shallow to everyone else listening–like there’s nothing more there than guns and violence, drugs, and murder. Maybe to us that seems distant. But to them, that’s life. The fact that there’s a place in America where this is normal (see what I did there) is shocking to me, and also enlightening, and also astounding, that a place like that can produce an artist like this.

Excellent pick.


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