From ‘Cole: A Response to Week Twelve’s Response

I’m sorry if I made you think harder than usual last week. ^^ My question was supposed to lead you in a different direction, but I guess I didn’t state things clearly. My apolohies.

(By the way, if you had wanted to do more literary reading, you’d have been better off going with Transcendentalism and the all-seeing all-knowing eye).

But what I was interested in, aside from the happy vibe, was their use of second person pronoun YOU.

I love how the songs are all about misdirection. Because after all the me, myself, and I he throws out there, in the end our analysis leads us to the fact that DeLa Soul is speaking to us, the listener, directly. In a way that was never done before. If you look at their predecessors, they have all used third or first person, but DeLa has a completely different motive.

It’s not about the eye. It’s about the you.


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