From ‘Cole: Week Thirteen Response

The second precedes the first? That’s some real post-modern playing with chronology shit right there.
But I digress. Both songs have a really original sound. The question is, where do they fall in the cloud rap-drill spectrum?

Lucki Eck$

I think Lucki Eck$ goldilocks it right here, in that it really is just right. I mean, the content of Count on Me I is really closer to Drill– a kind of dont-fuck-with-me-or-my-city vibe. And Part II is more of the Cloud Rap style, feeling amorphous and less content-oriented. Although, some of the lines are pretty dope. I mean, “like grade schoolers/ you can count on me” is a great sentimental line, it’s really poignant and fits well with the beat that is just dissonant enough to be interesting. I very much like it.
It’s also more accessible that way– it’s not as isolating as Drill, not quite as distant and cerebral as Cloud, it’s the perfect middle-ground.

Lately I’ve been feeling that producers are kind of stealing the spotlight–you agree? He’s a good enough lyricist, but man, the production on these tracks is what really shines. It creates a mood, an atmosphere to listen in, rather than listen to. Maybe that’s an over statement. I mean all music makes a mood. But this is just something not previously done in rap. Not until maybe Kanye hit the scene. Production’s always been important but nowadays there’s a real connection between the value of the production and the value of the rapper/mixtape as a whole.

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