From Sky: A Response to Week Thirteen’s Response

Glad you liked this one! I discovered this project on a little know mixtape thread. Same place I discovered Spark Master Tape. It wasn’t until that Noisey doc that I understood the other half of it. I got the cloud nature to it but you’re right when you talk about the drill style lyrics. He, also being from Chicago, really brings together a strong context for me.

Where does it fall on the spectrum? “Lucki Eck$ goldilocks it right here, in that it really is just right”. Boom. He’s a perfect mix of both in my opinion, so much so that it may be it’s own style–alternative trap. Alternative being the Cloud Rap style, drill being a shoot-off of trap music. The drill nature really lies primarily in the lyrics, as there isn’t any trap or drill beats. There are gunshots though, so it’s there too.

Lucki Eck$

You’re right when you say producers are the ones shining. I loved your idea that, “It creates a mood, an atmosphere to listen in, rather than listen to”. I couldn’t agree more. It’s captivating what some of them are doing these days. The one that comes to mind is Madlib. Now, Madlib is a legend when it comes to hip hop producers. He produced, arguably, MF DOOM’s best album as Madvillain in Madvillainy. He also produced with J Dilla, another production legend as well as friend and parter of The Roots, under Jaylib, releasing an album. Most recently he just produced Freddie Gibbs’s new album Piñata. He produced “Thuggin'” which you examined before. He is shining so much, he’s making the artists better. Before Piñata, Gibbs wasn’t really too notable, though his albums Baby Face Killa and EGSN, was a success, he still wasn’t a common or big name in hip hop. For DOOM, Operation: Doomsday, his first solo album after his brother Subroc did and K.M.D. was no more, is a classic, which was followed up by two strong albums, Take Me To Your Leader as King Geedorah, and Vikor Vaughn in Vaudeville Villain. It wasn’t until DOOM teamed up with Madlib for Madvillainy, that people really began to take notice of this unique underground talent. Madlib made DOOM shine.

There’s so many more examples of this that I could go on and on. It’s really interesting, and I couldn’t agree more.

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