From ‘Cole: A Response to Week Fourteen’s Response

“I’ll be right by your side/ Til 3005”

I feel like this week was a real throwback to something we see all the time now, an emphasis on years in hip hop which, as you so astutely pointed out, is a huge facet of a lot of hip hop genres. There’s something about representing a certain year or decade that everyone can relate to–everyone belongs to a certain time. I know, I’m a broken LP, zeitgeist all day every day…you must get tired of hearing it, haha. But it’s my reality.

This song is a nice response to the criticism that Hip Hop is a fad, that it has no longevity, that there’s no real substance and no real growth of a culture that has ultimately encompassed a large slice of our popular culture.

Souls of Mischief

What was beautiful to me about this track (and the reason for this week’s post title) is that it’s a little performative. You’re right when you say they’re doing the everyday things of the 90’s– going to malls, getting swag, all those consumer-driven tasks– but there’s something they don’t say.
They don’t say Infinity.

All they say is
“this is how we chill/ from 93 til.”
But until when? It’s like they know when time starts but not when it ends.

What’s interesting about nowadays is that it’s pretty definitive when rappers use a year, or a time frame, where things end. I mean, Gambino’s got a year, even if it is at some distant time in the future– he doesn’t give the idea of infinity a chance. But for Souls of Mischief there’s an uncertainty there that I like.


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