From ‘Cole: Week Fourteen Response

Compton + Bomb = Bompton.
Simple question deserves a simple answer. ^^

No, but really dude, there’s something about this that’s really visceral to me. Maybe because it feels just-off-the-street, underproduced, underfiltered. I can also relate to the place (which is HUGE in Post-Postmodern Globalism) because I, too, have been on Rosecrans Ave.


But the only thing I can think of for why it would be called Bompton is because it sounds like bomb, and if you’re going for something injurious, why not go with something explosive.

The funny thing is though, he really likes the pistol-AK imagery, he uses the gunshot sounds, he likes the idea of being on the block, but he doesn’t mention explosives really. Maybe he’s projecting–he’s the explosive, because he’s about to blow up. Ha.

I think this is the first week where you’ll really have to help me out here. What am I missing??


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