From Sky: Week Fourteen Response

I had been meaning to listen to this for a real long time. Thanks for making it your pick! I think what interested me in this track initially was Joey Bada$$’s “’95 to Infinity” off his Summer Knights tape that came out last year. Freddie Gibbs even went over the original Souls of Mischief beat was his version. So this track is quite the thing to reference in hip hop.

I saw Opio live once. He came to my university with Mistah FAB and Eligh. Was pretty dope. And you know how I love Del and Hieroglyphics.

I find it interesting that making a track like “’93 to Infinity” is much like constructing a time capsule. Opio, A-Plus, Tajai and Phesto are pretty much rapping out what life was like in 1993, which, when the track was recorded, would of just been them rapping about their daily lives. Opio’s first verse is a very well executed example of this:

“Dial the seven digits, call up Bridgette
Her man’s a midget; plus she got friends, yo,
I can dig it Here’s a forty, swig it, y’know it’s frigid
I got ’em chillin in the cooler, break out the ruler
Damn! That’s the fattest stog’ I ever seen
The weather’s heat in Cali; gettin weeded makes it feel like Maui
Now we feel the good vibrations
So many females, so much inspiration”

Not only are spitting about common, daily interactions and acts, they are also illustrating their inspirations. What makes their rap. What feeds their writing.

Souls of Mischief

Another example of this is Tajai’s last verse:

“Restin at the mall, attendance on ‘noid
But I am shoppin for my wish to exploit
Some cute fits, some new kicks
I often do this cause it’s the pits not bein dipped”

It’s really just time expressing what their lives are like. Now, the infinity part of this comes from the fact that they (Souls of Mischief) are going to continue living like they’re living. They’re gonna keep on doin’ their do. It’s cool because “’93 to Infinity” doesn’t really come off as dated to me. Of course the production is 90s style, but the lyrics don’t seem dated.

An interesting thing happens when an artist, or group of artists decided to call out a specific time. As I said before, it creates a type of time capsule. Now, just because it doesn’t sound dated doesn’t mean it isn’t achieving it’s purpose. The only thing that may make this track feel dated is in fact the title and the attitude of doing it like they were in 1993 until the end of time. Now, some artists have taken this concept and tweaked it. As I mentioned before, Joey Bada$$ has “’95 to Infinity” which shouts out the year he was born. In that track he’s saying that he’s going to continue doing what he’s been doing since birth. Yung Lean took this idea and made it absurd with his Unknown Death 2002 album. “It started out as an anti-movement. A couple of years ago a bunch of young rappers came up, like Joey Bada$$, a bunch of those guys. They were all repping the 1990s,” said Lean in an interview with Noisey, “They were really into boombap and Souls of Mischief and stuff and we were like, this sucks, we want stuff to happen. We started saying 2002 and 2003 because those years look good if you write them down. They’re aesthetically pleasing. I guess there’s not that much to it really.”

I guess it’s just interesting how one can look at this approach to time. I mean, is it just me or is it weird now when you hear tracks where rappers shouted out 2009 in their tracks? Nothing makes that track sound more dated than that. The opposite is true with Souls of Mischief though, being that it doesn’t come off as date. Maybe that is why the track has endured and has become an essential hip hop track.

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