Feature – MF DOOM Discussion Week Seven: A Look at Viktor Vaughn’s “Venomous Villain”

It’s the second time around for Viktor Vaughn. He’s back and he’s just as evil as ever.

Venomous Villain

Coming off of the critically acclaimed Madvilliany with Madlib on production, it was time to reprise the role of mad scientist and murderer Viktor Vaughn.

Venomous Villain debuted as the shortest DOOM album to date. At only 12 tracks, with two interludes and a remix, Venomous Villain was nearly 25 minutes shorter than it’s precursor Vaudeville Villain.

His second album of 2004, DOOM takes a backseat with production on Venomous Villain. The production is handled by various producers such as System D-128, Diplo, DiViVCi, Dub-L and others. This is both a pro and a con for DOOM in this case. With tracks like “Ode to Road Rage” produced by Dub-L, and “Dope Skill” produced by DJ I.N.C., DOOM sounds very strong on the track. However, with other tracks like “Pop Quiz (Extra Credit Remix)” DOOM’s spitting seems compromised by the beat.

What stood out to me the the most about Venomous Villain, was just how dark it can be. “Back End” the first track that follows the opening sample track, begins with a long dark and creepy intro. It also focuses around killing women. This ins’t the only references to killing women. They pop up in other tracks like “Ode to Road Rage” and the spectacular, and in my opinion, the best track on the album, “Bloody Chain [feat. Poison Pen]”. I don’t quite know how to feel about the violence towards women and the serial killing of women by Viktor Vaughn. Part of it could be DOOM stating his villain status with Viktor Vaughn. As I wrote before in a prior DOOM write up, Viktor Vaughn was the evilest of the villains, where as MF DOOM was misunderstood, King Geedorah was literally a three headed space monster, and Madvillain was a rather tame villain. I’m not sure if going to the level of murdering women was necessary in the case of Venomous Villain, but it’s an artistic choice.

There’s something about Venomous Villain that just simply, isn’t satisfying. Yes, there some great tracks on here, including “Dope Skill”, “Ode to Road Rage” and “Bloody Chain”. The storytelling in “Bloody Chain” is very well crafted, with a great feature from Poison Pen, who is probably Chino XL. However, overall, as a while, Venomous Villain falls flat. The prior DOOM albums has a real concept behind them, where as Venomous Villain sounds more like a compilation of leftovers rather than a conscious cohesive whole. In my opinion, this is the weakest DOOM album to date. I would say even K.M.D.’s Mr. Hood surpasses Venomous Villain.


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