From Sky: Week Fifteen – Believe the Hype Week

I know, I know. It’s Sunday. I usually send these on Sunday anyways, but it’s after you’ve gone to bed. I’m breaking the rules. I know that…. but I’m just so excited for this one.

As you probably already guessed, this week is all about Jay Electronica. Now, this week needs a little prefacing.

Read this
Written by the one, the only, the legend, Homeboy, the Yung Snuggie, this scratches the surface as to who Jay Electronica is.

Next, check out this Noisey article, but don’t listen to the track:

Now… on to the music.

This is Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)

This was Jay Electronica’s first, and only full project.

…and this is what he has become:

My question this week involves no really in depth analysis or research.
It’s simple:
Do you believe the hype?


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