From ‘Cole: Week Fifteen Response

I have to say, I do believe.

There’s something very cinematic about this guy (I mean, his life is very movie-script-like). Lyrically he very skillfully reminds me that hip hop is a medium for telling stories, which I really like. And his use of samples, down to the length of his tracks, the ambient noise, rapping over spoken dialogue, it’s super cinematic. Very cool.

Jay Electronica

He’s also mysterious…I don’t think we ever get a true idea of who he is, you know? Feels like he’s keeping something from us until the final act. It seems like he’s planned everything to a tee–the names of his albums are a calculated forethought. He’s going to keep us guessing at the turn–and then we’ll all be in awe of the prestige.

But overall, his talent is undeniable. It almost seems too good to be true that this guy used to be homeless, a sort of rags-to-riches story that belongs (again) in the movies.

He had your curiosity, but now he has my attention.


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