From Sky: A Response to Week Fifteen’s Response

I too believe.

I think nothing is more relevant than this write up done by u/murdahmamurdah, a HHH mod, that was posted this week.
Stuck off the Realness: The Changing Role and Character of the MC.

I think that idea of something larger than life has disappeared as of recently. Jay Elect may just be that larger than life star that the game needs. He could be hip hop’s next prophet.

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about Jay that I am so addicted to. My profile shows my ridiculous addiction to Jay Elect that’s overcame me in the past weeks. I don’t ofter put tracks on repeat. I’ll put albums on repeat, but rarely tracks. “Exhibit C” has been on repeat. Act I (excluding the intro track) has been on repeat. I’m going to use this opportunity to drop two more tracks on you.

First is “Better in Tune with the Infinite”.

Interesting story with this one. A fan simply tweeted him and asked him to drop a track. He did. Go figure.

The next track he dropped THIS WEEK… with who? How about Hova? You gotta peep this. “We Made It”.

I think it’s fair to say I am in total awe of this man.

As we all should be.


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