From Sky: Week Fifteen Response

Bus-a-Bus. Yeeeahhh!

The first thing I gotta say about “Thank You” is props to Busta on producing! This is a real sick beat. That sample is pure ecstasy to my ears!

Second. I think the way that Busta and Q went about features is quite interesting. I mean, Lil Wayne and Our Lord Yeezus?! I was so stoked for Kanye’s feature, especially when that sample came on and they showed Yeezy dancing. Then… let down. Wayne’s was the same way, though more of an intro if anything. I’m not saying Busta and Q aren’t big names (that’d just be straight blaspheme) but neither have had the mainstream commercial success that Tune and Ye have.

Busta & Q

Third is the video. The first time I watched it I was convinced there was a gimmick in there. I mean, here we have 41 year-old in Busta, and a 42 year old in Q-Tip trying to be “down with it”. “Not to mention, we’re veterans”, Busta spits.


I mean, the constant cuts, the dual panel frames, sometimes quad panel frames. It’s hard not to notice the style of this video being faster paced, despite the lower tempo track. In the past you’ve talked about attention spans and I think the video is prime for discussion on that matter.

But let’s talk lyrics.

At first, I didn’t really find anything… clever. It was typical braggadocio rap.

“Bossing it up, maintaining composure, stand on the sofa
Thirty bottles, twenty waitresses, bring them over
See how we light up shit, nigga, call the promoter”

-Busta, verse 3

I didn’t really find too much more in it. But the title threw me a bit. Who are they thanking? Well there’s the sample again.

“I want to thank you Heavenly Father
For shining your light on me
I know it couldn’t have happened without you”

Busta & Weezy

They’re thanking God. Thanking God for their riches, for their diamonds, for the women. Isn’t that kind of a weird thing to thank god for? I mean after all isn’t greed, gluttony, pride and lust four of the seven deadly sins? Here they are thanking God for giving them all these things. Now, I guess one could say that it’s more about gifting them their talents and skills, but I think it’s pretty clear to me that they are thanking God for getting them to where they are. I think a theologian would have a hay day with this. I don’t know if this is hypocritical, I just can’t help to think about those girls who you know are total whore bags who post about how great Jesus is on Facebook all the time. I once was involved with a girl who told me that she had always been told that God wants people to have a good time. That the idea of fun being a sin was silly. She drank. Slept around. Was all around a terrible person. It’s a messed up way of justifying one’s beliefs, especially when the Bible specifically condemns these types of behaviors. Again, I don’t know if it’s hypocritical, or just what our society has made a norm.

I feel like I could ramble-on on this for quite a write up, but I’ll spare you my blasphemy.


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