From ‘Cole: A Response to Week Sixteen

Assonance (noun):

resemblance of sounds.
Also called vowel rhyme. Prosody . rhyme in which the same vowel sounds are used with different consonants in the stressed syllables of the rhyming words, as in penitent and reticence.
partial agreement or correspondence.

“Burn ’em all, slaves to silicon
Corrupt politicians with leaders and their keywords
F.B.I and spys stealin’ bombs”


I feel like I’ve spent my whole life in school to answer this type of question. All my linguistic training and breakdown knowledge of poetry finally comes in handy. Unlikeliest of places, ha! Rap is poetry after all.

And Deltron is a serious poet. He has the techniques down pat. His use of end rhyme is excellent, internal rhyme superb. But what he does best is vowel rhyme.

I mean, look at that quote up there. He does the internal “F.B.I./ spy” which would be dope as it is. But then he has to do “silicon/bombs” to take it over the top.

Kid Koala, Del the Funky Homosapien & Dan the Automator – Deltron 3030

The question is, why do we not see this in other rappers? It’s really because they’re not that good at it. I mean, some are. But it requires a mastery of language and a vocabulary to back it up–or the vowel bending skills of Eminem to make a slant. But in general, this type of perfect assonance is thoughtful, and complex, and can only come from the type of mind that Deltron has.

It also correlates with his subject matter–only a clever mastermind would be able to build a device like this to get his point across. Infectious like a virus.


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