From Sky: A Response to Week Nineteen

First off, it’s undeniable how Logic takes the style of Nas, Em and Drake in those tracks. The Drake one especially is painfully accurate. Artistic plagiarism? I don’t know if I’d go that far. If that’s the case Hopsin needs to be locked up for jacking Em’s style on “Sag My Pants“. There are many artists that mimic other’s styles and flows. Think back to Dedication 5 and remember how Weezy did a lot of it on that tape. I even remember reading articles about how Tune’s flow was sounding more and more like Rick Ross. I think it’s part of the evolution on rap. There are really only so many original ways to say something. I’m not saying originality is dead, I’m just saying that, well, it’s hard to be original when someone already beat you to the punch.


For you next two questions let’s get deeper into Logic. Now, I’ve always been kind of a Logic hater. There were a few tracks of his I like when he first was coming up that I enjoyed, but never really fucked too much with him. On his newest tape that come out last year, Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever, there was only one track I liked, “Ballin’ [feat. Castro]“. It’s not the only track I enjoyed, but the only one I’ve come back to again and again. The only one with replay for me. I feel like if you listened to that track you’d think he was jacking someone’s style in that track too… though I can’t quite put my finger on who. It’s a lot like Drake minus the singing.

Is it impressive? Not to me. To me it shows that he hasn’t found his voice yet. He’s still mimicking others. Think of the best of the best today. They’re original because they have their own styles and flows. I’m not saying Logic can’t find his own voice, I’m just saying he hasn’t yet, and being the parody guy isn’t a thing when it’s not serious. It’s like the guy who does impressions not to be funny. Is that art? I don’t know. Any rapper can replicate other’s flows and styles. That doesn’t make them good. So when it comes to the real that we’ve been talking about, and looking for in hip hop, this is not it. Real is the Nas who inspired Logic so much that he jacked his style. Real is the Eminem who inspired Logic so much that he jacked his style. And I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but, Real is the Drake who inspired Logic so much that he jacked his shit. Logic is just mediocre. That’s why there isn’t the buzz around him anymore. People still bump his tracks, but there isn’t a huge following anticipating a Logic album. This could be because he’s on the fringe of frat rap, but that’s for another week.


I’m a Logic hater. He has yet to do anything that has really jumped out and impressed me. I don’t know if he ever will. The tracks you sent me were good. I mean, “Young Sinatra III” is the closest track to one with replay for me when it come to Logic. Now, if Logic wanted to be real, he’d combine those flows and styles, the Em, the Nas, the Drake and do it in a way that was Logic. They have to be broken down enough that when people listen to him they don’t say that he sounds like Drake or Nas or Em, but rather he sounds like Logic. He has not done that yet, in my opinion. Again, I don’t know if he ever will.

On a little parallel side note, think about how similar Ghostface and Action Bronson are. I mean, Ghost was famous for saying, straight up, don’t jack my style, and yet here’s Bronson pretty much doing just that. I mean the sound so similar. Maybe that’s why Bronson isn’t or hasn’t blown up. When I mean blown up, I mean like, radio play, big shows, household name. I think this is an example of why Logic is in the same boat.

But what do I know?


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