From Sky: A Response to Week Nineteen’s Response

Here’s the most recent video documenting DOOM and Bishop’s work on NEHRUVIANDOOM

Bishop Nehru is an interesting kid. I say kid because he is only 17 now. Yet, despite his age, Bishop Nehru is teaming up with mysterious and enigmatic underground legend MF DOOM for a compilation album entitled NEHURVIANDOOM which is slated to come out later this year. Nas, in his AMA, said that an artist he’d love to work with who he hasn’t yet is Bishop Nehru. There’s been so much buzz around this kid it’s crazy. It took me while before I bought into it and downloaded his two mixtapes, Nehruvia and Strickly Flowz. On a first listen I can’t say I was too impressed. I was more like, okay, kid’s alright.

When it comes to DOOM, who I’ve written about extensively on Rap Blog, Rap Blog, he had three up and comers who it seemed he was eyeing for future work. One was Earl Sweatshirt. DOOM had always been an idol to Earl and he got to meet his last year for the first time on a European tour and the video is gold. He nearly cries he’s so overjoyed. Even Nardwar gave him some DOOM gifts including an original cassette of Madvilliany. DOOM inspired a lot of Earl’s style. DOOM even ended up doing a track with Earl on a Flying Lotus tape when FlyLo was rapping under the Captain Murphy moniker.

The other was Joey Bada$$. Now, I don’t know how much Joey Bada$$ you’ve listened to, but he is very similar to Bishop Nehru. If the two of them had a track together I think you’d have a real hard time tell them apart. What did DOOM do? Well, I think there’s always been a desire from Joey to make an album with DOOM, but instead DOOM gave him a couple beats for Joey’s Summer Knights tape that came out last year. No album.

“Lemon Grass” and “Elder Blossoms”, both DOOM produced tracks, appear on Bishop Nehru’s first tape, Nehruvia, when Bishop was only 16. Sixteen! I mean, come on now. These beats are actually off of a compilation of DOOM’s Metal Fingered Villain beats called Special Herbs. What was it about Bishop Nehru that made DOOM say this was the kid he was going to make an album with? Well I don’t think that’s such an easy answer. When it comes to Nehruvia, there isn’t a single track on that tape that I skip when listening to it straight though, which I’ve done a lot recently. Also on Nehruvia you’ll find beats from J Dilla, DJ Premier, and even Madlib. That’s a pretty solid lineup of some of the greatest producers of all time. What attracted them to this kid?

Maybe it’s the fact that Bishop Nehru just sounds so good on those beats. His flows are solid, and for being only 16, I mean, that’s pretty impressive. Not quite as impressive as Nas one-timing “NY State of Mind” when he was 16, but pretty impressive. Maybe Nas sees a little of himself in Bishop Nehru. Both New York artists, maybe Nas is not only inspiring Bishop, but Bishop is inspiring Nas, hence the reason why Nas wants to work with him. At the same time, I feel like after listening to a Bishop Nehru tape or track, a listener might feel like he needs a little work. Get some experience under his belt. Which is exactly it! I feel like DOOM and Nas can both see the oozing potential in Bishop and they feel like they can bring the best out of him, while at the same time, brining out the best in themselves. NEHRUVIANDOOM is both a DOOM album and a Bishop Nehru album. Nas wants to work with Bishop. These artists, absolute legends, feel like they can too shine while making him shine.

MF DOOM and Bishop Nehru

It’s hard not to admit that Bishop has flows. “Lemon Grass” is a superb showing of that. Over a DOOM beat too boot! So here’s this kid who sounds so great on a DOOM beat, for a mixtape, for a 15 year-old. This tape, Nehruvia, came out in 2012. “Lemon Grass” was recorded when Bishop was 15. When NEHRUVIANDOOM drops Bishop will be 17 going on 18. Those two-three years might just be enough for him to turn around a drop one of the greatest albums of all time with one of the greatest emcees and producers of all time. Who knows, maybe even Nas will have a feature. DOOM is refining Bishop.

Ultimately, I feel that is why Bishop is so hyped lately. We saw what he could do at 15-16 and now we’ll get to see what he can do when he’s older and working with one of the most sought-after producers. I have to say that along with Jay Electronica’s Act II, (even Jay wanted to make an album with DOOM!) NEHRUVIANDOOM is my most anticipated album of 2014… or whenever we’ll get it. Bishop took to twitter last week and said we’re “extremely close” to getting it. We’ll see. DOOM fans know that could mean years. Either way, I’m hyped. You should be hyped. Everyone should be hyped. We saw what happens when dope producers get with up and coming emcees earlier this year with Freddie Gibbs and Madlib’s Piñata. It can be classic and GOAT, if you will. Will NEHRUVIANDOOM live up to the hype? We’ll just have to see.


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