From ‘Cole: A Response to Week Nineteen

You know how they say fashion is cyclical? I believe music can be cyclical. We’ll eventually come back around to the old Hip Hop standards that we adored in their golden age.

I feel like Bishop Nehru belongs in a different time. And, in that time, he would have had potential. But in the present age, it’s hard to find a place for him. I could see him rapping alongside Lupe Fiasco or the like. But not in the main mainstream, not (oddly enough) anyone like Kanye or Kendrick or Drake or Weezy. As out there as they all are individually, they still feel like they have a place in today.

Bishop Nehru

But that’s what’s beautiful about today–it’s not about catering to the mainstream anymore. If anything, he is lucky to have a way to find his audience that appreciates him as his self in the here and now–so he doesn’t have to wait for his time to come.

I definitely dig it, it’s just not as compelling to me as other things in the zeitgeist right now.

That’s all.


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