From Sky: Week Thirteen Response

First off… CyHi is killin’ it here! I was really hot on a lot of his earlier work like Jack of All Trades and Royal Flush. In my opinion, he kinda fell off with The Ivy League Club. I hadn’t listened to too much of him since. I download this project when it dropped but slept. I then spot listened to it, and really liked the track Basquiat. That was it though. I was stoked when I saw this as your pick for the week I was stoked.

Now, who would be his biggest fan you ask? Well, we’ll get there.


I feel like there’s a lot to discuss about this entire project in general. I would love to look more into the alienating nature of the albums with it’s black history references and who the music is targeted to.

There are a few lyrics that really jumped out at me.The first one, “Now it’s Greek mythology cause I run with the gods”. I think awhile back I was tell you about a theory someone had hypothesized about Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy being a Greek tragedy at it’s roots. Here’s the theory:

So this immediately made me think of our Lord and Savior Yeezus. CyHi’s “run[ing] with the gods”. I’m aware that CyHi has been featured on a few Kanye tracks in the past. Most notably “So Appalled” on that very album. Not to mention he is on the GOOD Music label. Kanye West’s label.

GOOD Music

The other lyric was: “Huh, yesterday I talked to Yeezus / I said I’m paranoid, that’s why I always got a heater”. We have the direct Kanye namedrop, but it’s the second have on the line that is interesting. “I said” are the first words. CyHi is is telling the listener that he told Yeezus he’s “paranoid, that’s why [he] always got a heater”. He’s confessing to “Yeezus”, which is multiple connotations. Much like Catholics, CyHi is confessing his sins. He’s being real. He’s being deep. And I feel he’s being genuine.

His biggest fan is Kanye West. Why? Because anyone who publicly idolizes Kanye like CyHi does (referring to him as a god, confession of sins) is going to have a fan in Kanye West. This is not the only Kanye reference on the album, for example on “Coretta” CyHi refers to Kanye as a “rap god”. Kanye may very well be the only reason we’re discussing CyHi right now.


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